Where are classes located?
We are a mobile studio with class locations on waterways throughout Portland and the PNW.  Each class sign up will list the location of the class.  If you have a location that you'd like a class, tour, or lesson, we can arrange it with you!  

What should I wear?
Summer:  Activewear that is comfortable and quick drying.  Shorts, yoga/running capris, or swimsuits are great!  Just do a quick down dog check in front of a mirror at home and make sure that everything you want to be covered is covered for sup yoga and fitness classes.  Optional rash guard for sun protection and cooler mornings/evenings.
Water shoes or flip flops for walking on the sometimes rocky shoreline.  You will take them off during class and attach them to tie downs on your board.  

Spring/Fall: Paddle clothing is weather and water temperature dependent.  Options range from immersion wear to active wear with a paddling jacket.  Footwear is necessary with the cooler temperatures.  

Yes, we paddle all year round!  
Immersion wear is available for rent.  Wetsuits, booties are necessary for the colder season.  
Wear a synthetic base layer, similar to what you'd wear skiing.  Insulated socks that aren't cotton.  

What should I bring?
Bring a hat, sunglasses with a retention strap or Croakie.  Leave your nice sunglass at home!  
Water and a snack.  
Apply waterproof sunscreen and lip balm with SPF before class. 
Leave a towel and a change of clothes in your car for after the class.  

Camera/phone in a waterproof case for tours and adventures. 

Do I need my own board?
We provide boards and gear for lessons, yoga, and fitness classes.  For Sup'n Pup, you will use your own board and gear with your pup.  

There is a discounted BYOBoard option for all classes. If you BYOBoard to yoga/fitness classes,  an anchor and stable board that is 32” or wider is preferred.  

Will I fall in the water?
Maybe!  Maybe not.  You will be challenging yourself with a variety of new skills.  In the summer, the water is warm and refreshing.   Falling in releases the fear of "falling in" and opens you up to playful possibility and fun without any inhibitions.  

Do I need experience paddling/doing yoga?
No experience is necessary for SUP 101 and yoga/fitness classes.  Yoga and fitness classes include a quick paddling lesson to get you out on the water.  
Tours and adventures are longer paddling trips that require some experience with paddling distances of 4-6 miles.  

Do I need to know how to swim?
Yes!  Swimming skills are necessary for all lessons and tours.  Instructors are water safety and CPR/first aid certified.  

I'm ready for my own board!  Where should I go? 

Head over to Gorge Performance, our local PDX board shop.  They have an excellent selection of boards and gear.  Their knowledgable staff will help decide which board is best for you.  (503)246-6646  7400SW Macadam, Portland, OR 97219
Hours Mon-Fri: 10-8, Sat: 10-7, Closed Sundays

Please call 503.679-7444 or email leilani@h2omsup.com with any questions.