SUP'er Fun Labor Day of SUP-yoga and fitness

We are teaming up with Ginny Kauffman Yoga and Gorge Performance for an awesome Sup-yoga and fitness event at Willamette Park.   Labor Day from 9:30 to 2:30.

The event starts with a one hour SUP Yoga class with Ginny. Then after a break (on land or paddling around) you’ll join me for a one hour SUP Fusion Fitness class that also takes place on the water.

Following the two classes the group we will break for lunch and then take a leisurely two mile paddle through the scenic Narrows on the Willamette River. All levels of paddling are welcome but it's highly recommended that you have some prior yoga experience.

Register through Gorge Performance.  $75.00  Cost includes 2 classes, equipment rental and guided paddle. 

Advance registration is required and space is limited to 10 people. Online registration will close August 31st


9:30: arrival/check in

10:00 -11:00: SUP Yoga with Ginny

11:00 -11:30: break/snack/transition

11:30-12:30: SUP Barre/Fitness Fusion with Leilani

12:30 - 2:00ish: Lunch followed by group paddle the Narrows (optional)

Class Descriptions:

SUP Yoga with Ginny Kauffman  "SUP Yoga allows you to practice and develop better balance, focus, core strength and present moment awareness. We use wider boards that feel like mini-islands to get our yoga on while floating on a calm body of water (understanding the occasional ripple might occur). Class will begin with a short on-land demo for the boards and paddles, then we'll take a short paddle to our water "studio" and enjoy an anchored 45-60 minute practice of guided meditation, gentle flow, and board-friendly poses that allow you to go deep, strengthen and lengthen. Savasana will be sweeter than ever as you are buoyed by the water, warmed by the sun and the sounds of nature lullaby you into total relaxation."  — Ginny

SUP Fusion with Leilani Gibson  "Take your workout to the water with SUP-fusion! A whole body conditioning class focused on improving agility, balance, strength and endurance. SUP-fusion incorporates elements of yoga, barre technique, interval training, and body weight resistance with the added challenge of floating on water. Your board becomes your gym as squats, mountain climbers, pliés, and push ups take on a whole new perspective while balancing on your paddle board. SUP-fusion is a fun and dynamic way to connect with nature and invigorate your body. Be prepared to get wet!" — Leilani